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That's A Wrap on Big Rock Kids!

07/15/23 @ 9:47 PM

That’s a wrap on the record-breaking 3rd Annual Big Rock Kids Billfish Tournament, presented by Kurtis Chevrolet. Within three action-packed days of fishing, the fleet of 73 boats and 325 Anglers racked up an incredible 224 billfish releases – a new record for the Kids Tournament and possibly Morehead City. 220 of the 224 billfish were released by Jr. Anglers!

MARLIN FEVER stole the show with 16 Sailfish & 2 Blue marlin releases claiming 1st Place and the grand prize of $49,708.33 (Level I + Level II + Level III Thursday Release WTA). SKIRT CHASER scored 2nd Place with 3 Blue Marlin, and 7 Sailfish releases for a payout of $21,985. LABRADOR secured their 3rd Place spot with 1 Blue Marlin and 12 Sailfish releases worth $12,990.

DUE SOUTH started off strong today with a sailfish release at 9:23am capturing the Duke Energy First Release of the Day and $1,000 in prize money. Overall, the Due South Jr. Anglers released 1 Blue Marlin and 3 Sailfish winning the Daily Release Prize of $14,733.33.

OFFSHORE OUTLAW clinched 1st Place in the Dolphin division with their 17.6lb catch, earning the crew $18,360. SALLY GIRL landed in 2nd Place with a 13.3lb Dolphin taking home a payout of $12,240

APRIL MAE shook up the leaderboard today with their $49.4lb Wahoo, sliding into 1st Place and taking home $17,085. J&B moved into 2nd Place in the Wahoo division for the third year in a row! Their 48.7lb catch is worth $11,390 in prize money.

Thank you to all of the participants, sponsors, and supporters that made the 3rd Annual Big Rock Kids the most FINTASTIC yet!

SAVE THE DATE: July 10 - 13, 2024!

That's A Wrap on Big Rock Kids

07/15/23 @ 9:39 PM

Day 2 Reaches 211 Total Releases

07/14/23 @ 9:23 PM

67 of 73 boats competed on Day 2 of the 3rd Annual Big Rock Kids Billfish Tournament, presented by Kurtis Chevrolet. The fleet maintained their momentum and racked up a total of 96 releases, just shy of yesterday’s 115. POST CALL captured the Duke Energy First Release of the Day earning them $1,000 right off-the-bat for a Sailfish released at 9:09 AM.

MARLIN FEVER remains in 1st Place with a whopping 3250 release points. They’re still in the running for a payday of $49,708. It was a big day for SKIRT CHASER. The crew slid into 2nd place with 5 sailfish and 1 blue marlin release. The team of Jr. Anglers on SEA I SEA released 9 sailfish, claiming the daily release prize of $14,733. It was a lucky day for LABRADOR despite taking a lay day, they held on to the 3rd place spot with their 9 sailfish and 1 blue marlin release from Day 1. LABRADOR will be fishing tomorrow, who knows, we could see a leaderboard shakeup!

A total of 34 gamefish made their way to the Parker Boats weigh station today - 8 wahoo and 26 dolphin. OFFSHORE OUTLAW held on to the top spot in the dolphin division with 17.6lb mahi.They’re still in the running for a $18,360 payout. SALLY GIRL slid into 2nd Place with their 13.3lb catch worth $12,240.

J&B made waves in the wahoo division. The team barreled into 1st place with a massive 48.7lb ‘hoo. SKIRT CHASER moved into 2nd place with their respectable 29.9lb catch.

There are 14 boats eligible to fish tomorrow. Good luck to all Jr. Anglers -- We'll see you at the Awards Banquet tomorrow night!

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